Electrical metrology

Applied to renewable energies


Jean-Pierre Fanton

is an engineer from École Supérieure d’Électricité (today CentraleSupelec).

He completed a first part of his career within the Électricité de France group, in the Research & Development Department, as a researcher and as head of research entities.

The current professional activity of J.P. Fanton is twofold:

  • scientific teaching in engineering schools, for the fields of Electrical Engineering and Energetics (including ECAM-EPMI)
  • consulting engineering activity, essentially concerning the accreditation of Electrical Test Laboratories; activity in the following countries: France, China, Morocco, Tunisia


The purpose of the tutorial is to enable each participant to update his knowledge about the measurement of the main types of electrical quantities. Those will be successively addressed, taking into account the evolution and the progress of metrological research under course on the one hand, and also the practical feedback from everyone, on the other.


  • measurement of voltages
  • measurement of currents
  • measurement of impedances
  • measurement of other useful quantities: time, frequency, power