Provisional list of the first communications selected


The history of CAFMET and its role in Africa

Metrology, an essential key to safety, reliability and sustainability in construction and public worksMarc HIMBERT LNM-LNE-CNAM, France
From measurement uncertainty to reliability estimation of components and systemsAbdérafi CHARKILARIS-POLYTECH Angers, France
Safety analysis of a system with considering its ageing and Inside dependences and outside impactsK. KOLOWROCKIMaritime University, Poland
Diagnosis and Modelling Operation Threats and Climate-Weather Hazards Influence on Critical Infrastructure Safety – An Overall ApproachK. KOLOWROCKIMaritime University, Poland
Safety Diagnosis and Optimization of Port Oil Terminal Critical InfrastructureK. KOLOWROCKIMaritime University, Poland
Point de situation et perspectives de la métrologie au sein de la compagnie pétrolière SONATRACHChafia BESSALEM, Hakima LAMMALI, Hanane SAADSONATRACH, Algerie
 Mesures acoustiques pour le confort sonore A. BAAZIZ, I. ABARARCTIBA (Centre Technique des Industries du Bois et de l’Ameublement/Technical Center for Wood and Furniture Industries), Maroc
Comparison of field verified electricity meter with in-house verified electricity meter in developing countries: a focus on UgandaProssy Mutesi, Geofrey Sekabira and Edward Ekuru EbyauNational Bureau of Standards
Electricity Meters Verification, re-verification and approval in emerging economiesEdward  EKURUNational Bureau of Standards, Uganda
Electrical metrology: Issues, perspectives and challengesJean-Pierre FANTONICAM-PMI, France
Three-Axes Squareness Evaluation of Coordinate Measuring Machines Using a Telescopic Ball-barP. KUDUNTWANENMISA, South Africa
Evaluation results of COOMET Key Comparison of PowerO. VELYCHKO, T. GORDIYENKOState Enterprise Ukrmetrteststandard, Ukraine
Features of Testing of the Built-in Software of Measurement InstrumentO. VELYCHKO, V. GAMAN, T. GORDIYENKOState Enterprise Ukrmetrteststandard, Ukraine
Métrologie et santé au GabonJ. NFONO ENGOHANG MVONO ALLOGOCEMACMET, Gabon
Optimiser ses fréquences d’étalonnage avec la méthode OPPERETO. DEMARSDELTA MU, France
Low frequency vibrations used to evaluate blueberry maturityL. KLOTZAGROSTA Research, France
Development of a new certified reference material of fluosilicic acid
(1) Faculty of Science Chouaib Doukkali El Jadida, Maroc
(2) Chemical and Biochemical Sciences Department, Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique de Benguerir, Maroc
Development of in-House Industrial Fluosilicic Acid Certified Reference Material: Improvement of Uncertainty of the certified H2SiF6 Mass Fraction by using a direct measurement procedure


1 Department of Chemical and Biochemical Sciences, Green Process Engineering CBS. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, 43150 Ben Guerir, Morocco. 2 Institut de Chimie de Nice, UMR7272, Université Côte d’Azur, Nice F06108, France.
Digital support for the implementation of quality management according to ISO/CEI 17025 version 2017DAVID CHAVERNAC (1), ABDELAZIZ BACAOUI (2), CHRISTINE BAUDASSE (1), GILLES CALCHERA (1), ZINEB LAFIFI (2), LUC MARTIN (3), AURÉLIE PEDARRIEU (1), GÉRALDINE LAVEISSIÈRE (1), ETUDIANTS DU MASTER « MÉTROLOGIE ET QUALITÉ » (2)(1) CIRAD, France, (2) Université Cadi Ayyad, Maroc, (3) CIRAD, Maroc
Inpatient satisfaction survey and continuous improvement in a hospital departmentS. BERRADA et al.ISPIT de Santé, Maroc
Hospital risk management: the case of medical and pharmaceutical wasteA. EL BOUCHTY, S. FILALI EL GHORFIPolydisciplinary Faculty of Larache, Morocco
Risk management applied to a premises restructuring project at the Anses food safety laboratoryAlice DUCHEMIN, Cécile CECCONI, Agnès CHAMOINANSES, France
Managing Risks to Water Quality: Application of the HACCP MethodZuhair El Attaoui , S. FILALI EL GHORFIRADEEL, Polydisciplinary Faculty of Larache, Morocco
ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requires consideration of opportunities ... and offers some!Stéphane LAUDRELMETRIQUE CONSULTING, France
Experimental strategies for metrological traceability and accuracy of liquid microflows and microfluidicsElsa BASTITA, João A. SOUSA, Susana CARDOSO, Vania SILVERIOIPQ, Portugal
Quality of measured data in Geophysics, role in the development of natural resources.A. MRIDEKHUnversité Ibn Tofail, Maroc
Quality in Lebanese Medical LaboratoriesRita KHATTAR, Maha NEHME, Josiane ABI KHATTARUNIVERSITE SAINTE FAMILLE, Liban
Place of accreditation standards in the academic medical laboratory programMAHA NEHME, JOSIANE ABI KHATTAR, RITA KHATTARUNIVERSITE SAINTE FAMILLE
In-house calibration of a silicate glass for high dose measurementsHana MOSBAHI, Khaled FARAHInstitut Supérieur du Transport et de la Logistique de Sousse, Tunisie
First ISO 17025 Accreditation in Anemometry in AfricaMohamed Haythem Raouadi, Mohamed Adel AmriCRTEn, Tunisie
Gamma irradiated sugars for dosimetry purposeKaouther MARZOUKINational Center for Nuclear Science and Technology, Tunisia
Comparative study of the different integration profiles of Germanium in thin film solar cellsA.BENCHIHEB , N. BENCHIHEB e, Y. SAIDIUniversity of Constantine,  Algérie
Energy efficiency measurement in an industrial unitCHRAMATE Imane , ZERROUQ Farid, BELMIR FouziUniversity Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah, Maroc
Importance of Metrology and standardization of processes and equipments in the field of renewable energy and Energy Efficiency – The value added by International StandardsMohamed BARBOUCHECRTEn, Tunisie
Importance of metrology in renewable energy and energy efficiencyMohamed BarboucheCRTEn, Tunisie
Impact of temperature and humidity on the performance of photovoltaic modulesAbabacar NDIAYE, Fadel KEBEUniversité Assane Seck de Ziguinchor, Sénégal
Study of CO-C/RE-C Eutectics fixed point measurements for high temperature radiation thermometerKo HSIN-YICenter for Measurement Standards, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
Implementation and dissemination of the redefined kelvinMohamed SADLILNM-LNE-CNAM, France
Validation of a method for the determination of nitrates in drinking water by UV-Visible spectrophotometryK. AIT ADDI-OUFKIR (1), M. BAKASS (1), M. BELMAACHI (2)(1) Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, (2) RADEEMA, Morocco
New catalyst from two phase olive mil wastes by hydrothermal carbonization for photo fento-like degradation of methylene blueZaine IZGHRI, Ghizlane ENAIME, Mehdi LOUARRAT, Layla ELGANI, Abdelaziz BACAOUI, Abdelghani YAACOUBIUniversité Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des Sciences Semlalia, Maroc
Validation of the method for the analysis of total organic carbon in phosphoric acid by high temperature catalytic combustion.M. LAAMOUR, A. OULAID, A. ENNACIRI, M. BAKASS,Université Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des Sciences Semlalia, Maroc
Accuracy of measurement of fuel discharged by volumetric meters at service stationsM. E. CHERITINAFTAL Company, Algérie
Management Systems Integration: advantages, disadvantages, costsS. MASSINGGAINDE 2000, Sénégal
Quality management system: organization, well-being at work and performanceV. MOLINERO-DEMILLY (1,2), A. CHARKI (2), C. JEOFFRION (3), B. LYONNET (3)(1) INRAE, (2) POLYTECH Université d’Angers, (3) Université de Nantes
Quality of measured data in Geophysics, role in the development of natural resources.A. MRIDEKHUniversité Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Maroc
Screening chimique et dosage quantitatif des polyphénols totauxJean-Noel KOANEUniversity of Bangui, Central Africa
Accurate on-site calibration or fully accredited laboratory calibration, we perform and advise on all aspects of instrument calibration to meet all your business requirementsCyril DAUMASENDRESS+HAUSER, FRANCE
Modelling critical infrastructure safety impacted by climate-weather change processModelling critical infrastructure safety impacted by climate-weather change processEWA DabrowskaGdynia Maritime University
Sodium alginate from Moroccan brown seaweeds as depressant for calcite in the fluorapatite flotationM. DERQAOUI (1,*), I. AARAB (1), A. ABIDI (2), A. BACAOUI (1), A. YAACOUBI (1), K. EL AMARI (3)

(1)  : Laboratory of applied Chemistry, Department of chemistry, Faculty of sciences Semlalia, BP 2390, Marrakech, Morocco.

(2) : Mining institute of Marrakech (IMM), BP 2402, Marrakech, Morocco.

(3) : Geosources laboratory, department of earth sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology Gueliz, ,BP 459, Marrakech, Morocco.

Fire risk management in service stations in MoroccoEL HILALI Taoufik 1, ZANAT Hamza 2 et FILALI EL GHORFI Souad3

1et 2 Master Management et Finance, Faculté Polydisciplinaire à Larache – Maroc

(3) Professor at the Polydisciplinary Faculty in Larache- Morocco

Prevention of health and safety risks for fishermen



1 et 2 Master Management et Finance Faculté polydisciplinaire à Larache
Teacher-researcher in the department of economic sciences and management of the polydisciplinary faculty in Larache.
Towards the setting up of the main advanced metrology techniques at the ballistic laboratory of the Tunisian military academy. Practiced measurements with typical uncertainty estimations.L.Elkarous 1,2* , L. Abdelkader 1,2 and Z. Chtourou 21 Military Academy (AM), Fondouk Jedid, Grombalia, Nabeul, 8012 Tunisia
2 Sciences and Technology for Defense (STD), Military Research Center, Aouina, 2045 Tunisia
Metrological characteristics of polyethylene tested as possible high dose dosimeterKhaled Farah

University of Sousse, Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics, Sousse, 4023, Tunisia.

3 Laboratory of Research in Energy and Matter, Development of Nuclear Sciences
(LR16CNSTN02). Center National des Sciences et Technologie Nucléaires, 2020 Sidi-Thabet, Tunisia.


Managing the risks associated with drug stock-outs

GHENOUAN Najwa 1 KCHETAL Maryame 2

Pr. Filali El Ghorfi Souad 3

1 et 2 Master Management et Finances à la Faculté
polydisciplinaire à Larache.

3 Research professor in the Department of Economics and management of the polydisciplinary faculty in Larache.

Development of the quality approach and skills managementNoujha JEBBOUR, M. ZERROUQ Farid, BELMIR FouziUniversité Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Fes
Uncertainty  estimation of chromium (VI) in leather : A comparative studyKaba Salaheddine

Center Marocain des Techniques du Cuir (CMTC), Complexes des Centres Techniques, route BO 50, Sidi Maârouf, Casablanca, Morocco.


Barriers Inhibiting the Development of Quality Infrastructure in Developing Countries Fahim Khan




Safety and Resilience Indicators of Critical Infrastructure Impacted by Its Operation Process Beata Magryta

Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Integrating the instrumentation into the modeling for the validation of the two-port model of an electrodynamic shakerJonathan Martino 


The Credit Default Swaps: Past, Present, FutureO. NADIR, D. Driss

Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

Accurate and High Throughput Mass Determination with Table-Top Robotic SystemsDr. Eszter Paldy, Tony Kowalski, Sigo Muehlich

Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Validation of the English version of the Food Disgust ScaleGary Pickering, Margaret Thibodeau , Qian Yang , and Rebbeca Ford

Canada, Australia, Nottingham,

Setting up of the metrology function at the level of the Algerian Company of Electricity ProductionLeila Rabia

Algerian company of Production of Electricity (SPE), Algiers

Methods and computer tools applicable to the operational planning of a projectPhilippe Rocher

IP, Bouchemaine, France


Sonatrach, Algérie

The Standard of hoes in OugandaJoshua SERUNKUMA


Optimization of Baltic Oil Terminal operation process related to climate changeMateusz  Torbicki


 Do performance measurement models have any impact on primary health care? Brahim Zaadoud


Data analysis in the aeronautical fieldAymeb Amara

Besançon Mathematics Laboratory, Carnot Pasteur Doctoral School z, France

Challenges and Critical success factors Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in smart manufacturing: A systematic literature reviewMbarek Elbounjimi

University of Quebec,

Trois Rivières, Canada


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