Skill Models & 100 Skill attributes required by Project Managers Leader & Managers

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Yvan Lauzon, MBA is a Contractual Professor at the University of Quebec (ENAP) teaching various courses in; Project Management (PM); Change Management; (CM) and Human Resources Management (HRM). From 2006 to 2008 he acts as Assistant to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Government of Quebec, followed by Government Coordinator of Training Programs PM; IT Management; and Information Security (CSPQ-CLDC). In 2009, he started a qualitative study on the success of public projects by interviewing 125 IT practitioners and 25 professors and researchers. GOLD member of ISACA (IS auditor) and international member PMI


By 2020, a series of specifically definable attributes will be expected of the Project managers Leader and their Managers, expressed as follows : Have the ability to quickly grasp the issues and the dynamics driving the context under focus and review; Demonstrate great self-confidence as well as in others; Not be too risk averse facing uncertainties and ambiguous situations; Ability to detect rapidly low-level signals and adaptability to frequent changes; Show great cognitive capacity for quick learning; Demonstrate adequate operational flexibility; Above all, make ongoing use of new productive technologies.

Take this opportunity to discover all these required attributes (Knowledges / Skills / Behaviors / Traits / Motives, …) and upgrade right now your Project Team management, Competency profile, Talent management and your Curriculum Vitae.