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Volumetric instruments are essential for any laboratory or industry that want a correct volume measurement, which can have a great influence on the end result of a test
where volume measurement is only a small component of a series of experimental steps. The calibration of volumetric instruments, in particular pipettes, aims the quantification of differences between the nominal value and the real value, and from the
metrological point of view of great interest, once that it contributes to the understanding of the systematic errors of the analytical measurement process, as well as to give the possibility to proceed to its correction.
We need to understand the differences between the interventions in micropipettes:
→ Pipette Performance Test: it compares the accuracy and precision of a pipette with defined tolerances and typically is performed every quarter.
→ Pipette Calibration: A calibration includes an additional physical
inspection and, if needed, adjustment or repair. This is carried out normally
once to twice a year.
Costumer compliance with regulations such as GLP/GMP or ISO, the calibration frequency depends on the pipette use and should be defined under a risk analysis approach. In non-regulated market, customers basically need reproducible measurements and the calibration frequency is defined so that errors are avoided in order to quickly publish reliable results. Trescal has the right solution depending on our clients specifications defined for this type of equipment.

Pré-requis : 

  • Know how to use pipettes.

Mots-clés :

Micropipette, Vérification, ISO 8655, Conformité.

Langue :  Anglais

Durée : 4 heures – Matin

Date : 19/05/2022

Lieu : SOFITEL Tour Blanche, Rue Sidi Belyout, 20 000 – Casablanca, MOROCCO

Animateur : Carlos SIMOES

Carlors SIMOES est actuellement directeur technique de TRESCAL et représentant du Groupe TRESCAL en Espagne et au Portugal.