CAFMET Chairman's Message

"Together for the future"

The effects of globalization are numerous and force nations everywhere to strengthen their response to the vital needs of our planet. In today's constantly evolving world things change fast, sometimes too fast, with some countries ahead of others, since certain countries either have no support or lack the resources to react… often for political reasons. The organization of metrology in Africa raises the same issues encountered elsewhere, such as all that is happening due to the consequences of climatic change (notably with reference to COP 22 in Marrakech in 2016).

It is vital not to ignore such obvious facts as:

- the need once and for all to organize metrology formally on a regional or nationwide basis so as to meet the needs, in both laboratories and industry, for traceability to reference standards of measurement equipment. On the one hand, this is what guarantees the quality of products sold (both imported and exported) and ensures the quality of the measurement results used to declare conformity. On the other, it reduces costs and transit times linked to the management of the measurement equipment used in all activity sectors, bearing in mind that too many African industrial sectors and laboratories still call upon laboratories in other continents;

- the need to develop higher education training courses that deal with the subjects involved in metrology. Metrology demands specific scientific and technical skills and these need to be adapted to the specificities of the fields of Health, Environment, Agronomy, Renewable Energies, etc. CAFMET, which has grown into an internationally recognized network, is wholeheartedly for the dissemination of metrology culture, in particular on the African continent. CAFMET, through numerous activities that you can read about at, is fully committed to doing its bit to help the continent progress. The 8th International Metrology Conference organized by CAFMET is one illustration of this. 

Make the most of this unique plateform in Africa made available to you by CAFMET. We look forward to seeing you at CAFMET 2020!

Scientific Committee Chairman's Message :

From the first international congress of CAFMET (Casablanca 2006), the program is now structured on three pillars: metrology, quality and innovation.

Regarding metrology, it meets the critical demands of the industrial competitiveness and of the metrology segments in energy, building, agri-food, health, etc.. It promotes quality in its broad sense, focusing on quality, environment, product and people certification, social responsibility, and work systems.

Concerning innovation, regional and national innovation programs and systems, and contributes to the development of practices, routines and metrics for their management. Broadly speaking, it explores science, technology and measurement interfaces, and unveils new borders in an emerging society, boosted by an entrepreneur spirit, based on knowledge and moved by creativity.